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ACT Prep and Private Tutoring (251) 509-2199

Scheduling Virtual Countdown to College Workshops NOW!

8th - 12th grade teens and parents invited

Daytime and evening workshops scheduled Aug - Nov and Jan – Mar

Potential Magazine is committed to helping teens reach their full potential.

The Countdown-to-College Workshop is a moderated panel format with representatives from 3-5 colleges and universities. Attendees leave this 90-minute workshop with:

• Insight into the College Admissions Process

• Scholarship opportunities for students

• 10 Tips to earn Scholarships

• Full understanding of the 3 areas that ACT scores impact

• ACT/SAT tips for improving scores

• Encouragement that practice and studying produces results

• Impacts of different real-life scenarios (missing deadlines, changing your mind, etc)

• Benefits of Community College attendance and dual-enrollment

• Importance of FAFSA and ways you can maximize your awards

What PARENTS are saying:

“Loved all the information—This event has us going in the right direction! My son is in 10th

grade, so the more I know, the better off we are going to be.”– Kristi Bise, Brewtech Magnet

School, 3 teens

“I enjoyed the informal feeling of the seminar and the recruiters being able to speak at a personal level. Very informative—especially the scholarship requirements.” – Alabama Christian Academy parent, 11th grader

“This was my first one—Bravo!” – Prattville High School parent, 8th grader

What SCHOOLS are saying:

“The two ‘Countdown to College’ workshops were so informative and as parents spread the

word, the attendance numbers grew—Potential Magazine has proven to be an invaluable

resource for me as a School Counselor. I highly recommend it for every educator and every

parent!”- Ms. Lydia Thigpen, Prattville High School Counselor

“My kids were blown away! This workshop helped our parents and students see more options

and get excited about them.” – Principal Chris Gambrill, Fairview High School

What’s Involved:

• College and university panelists, program coordination, and facilitation

• Media and press promotion of the event

• Event promotion in weekly eNewsletter

• Door prizes such as a 7” tablet and Starbucks Gift Cards

• Promotional kit with announcement suggestions


• Posters and Fliers

• Magazines

• College Organizers

• Promotional Announcements and Tips


Contact (334) 578-7810 or [email protected] for more information!